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There are different methods of printing garments, depending on a number of factors, such as garment quantity, design and cost efficiency. Don’t worry, we will always advise you on the best option. Here are the main methods of printing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the traditional method of producing printed garments. Printing involves the application of colour by ink. In order to screen print an item, the design has to be separated into the component colours. This is done by vectored design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Each colour then has a separate screen produced.

The ink is then directly screen printed onto the t-shirts. The colours are applied individually by placing each screen manually or automatically on top of the garment.

The advantages of screen printing are as follows. Durability, with long lasting wash resistance. A very fine detail can be achieved together with multi colour designs and sharp and vibrant finishes. This process can be used for most designs on any garment. It is excellent when combining large areas and large quantities from a cost point of view but is uneconomic for small orders requiring more than one colour. Normal orders would be for 50 items and over. 

Transfer Printing

This involves taking a high resolution image and printing the image onto quality transfer paper. We can print images in most formats including PDF, EPS, PSD and JPG but the quality of the image produced is directly related to the quality of the image supplied, so it is important to supply a high resolution image. Once the image is on the transfer paper it is then taken and applied using a heat press to the item of clothing. Transfer printing is a great idea for full colour photos or images. Print quality will last up to 30 washes at 60°.

Vinyl Printing

The design is cut out of vinyl material using a plot cutting machine and then heat pressed onto the garment. Most designs are single colour, but it is possible to sometimes use two or three colours. The vinyl printing process is best suited for text, such as slogans, names, numbering for sports teams or simple designs. The material is very durable and will last the life of the garment, machine washable up to 60°. This process can be used on any colour and any garments. There are many vinyl colours available including metallic, neon, glitter and sparkle. The cost per garment is dependent on the size of the design and the amount of detail. 


Embroidery is the process of taking your design and generating a stitched version to add to your garments.

The use of embroidery on garments and other items creates a sense of quality and style that can be used to promote your brand image. Embroidery  is especially cost effective for small runs and for designs with multiple colours. Embroidery has a one off set up fee. The price of each item depends on the stitch count. Cost rises however with the size of logo. A large back design would cost more than a breast logo, but is still achievable within a sensible budget.

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